The conference will focus on current research trends in Engineering Innovations & Technology Management including interdisciplinary areas. The topics will include (but not limited to):

1. Electrical Engineering

Power System and Associated Energy Technologies, Application of Green Technologies, Renewable Energy Systems and Fuel Cells, Smart Grid Technologies and Applications, Power Quality, Power System Economics and Security, Power System Restructuring /Deregulation, Soft Computing and AI Applications to Power System, Power Electronics and Industrial Applications, Electrical Machines and Motor Drives, Electrical Vehicles, Instrumentation, Control and DSP, Biomedical Signal Processing, HVDC and FACTS, High Voltage Apparatus and Power Transformer Diagnostics.

2. Electronics & Communication Engineering

VLSI Design and Technology, MEMS and Sensor Design, Digital and FPGAbased Design, Embedded System Design, Emerging and Post-CMOS Technologies, Computer-Aided Design and Verification, Communication Systems and Networks, Microwave and RF Design, Antenna Design, Optical Communication, Wireless and Mobile Communication.

3. Computer Engineering

Hard Drive Technology, Grid and Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Optical and Quantum Computing, Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality, Audio and Video Processing, Network Architecture and Protocols, Mobile and Wireless Communication, AI and Soft Computing.

4. Mechanical Engineering

Sustainable and Green Manufacturing, Computer-Aided Design and Automation, Additive Manufacturing, Traditional and Non-traditional Machining, Surface Modification and Joining Technologies, Material Science and Engineering, Renewal Energy, Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Methods and Operation Research, Condition Monitoring, Bio-mechanics and Robotics, FEM, Industrial Tribology, Industrial Engineering.

5. Civil Engineeing

Smart Structures and Systems, High-rise and Large-span Structure, Structural Health Monitoring, Energy Conservation and Green Architecture, Parametric Computational Analysis, Quality and Safety Management System, Innovative Construction Technologies, Water Resources Engineering, Geo-environmental and Geotechnical Engineering, Rock Mechanics.

6. Technology Management

R & D Management, HR Management, Technology and Operation Management, Management Strategy Business Model Evaluation for growth of Start-Up Firm, Business Perspective of Emerging Technologies, Role of Technology in Marketing, Technology Aspect in Finance and Construction Management, Digital Marketing Management and E-Commerce